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Alongside Pax X Tavares Designs



Alongside Pax and Tavares Designs have been cooking up furniture and home decor projects endlessly for the last two years. What was once just some friendly chats, has now evolved into numerous design collaborations.


Laura, owner and lead seamstress at Tavares Designs has been sewing since 2006 and expanded her resume into upholstery just a few years ago. Since then Laura has grown her business rapidly, acquired an online shop, and has helped to grow other brands in terms of their manufacturing.


The other half of this duo is Chanel. Chanel, owner of Alongside Pax started this creative venture through instagram back in 2020, and what started out as flipping furniture for a quick profit and sharing the entire process online, eventually grew into a furniture restoring business that also speaks to the love of home decor. Chanel has been sharing her passion for diy furniture and decor flips for some time, all the while helping to make other peoples design visions a reality.


Our latest collaboration entitled, "COLLECTION THIRTEEN" is our biggest collaboration yet. COLLECTION THIRTEEN consists of elevated refurbished furniture pieces that have been thoughtfully redesigned by yours truly. What makes this collection unique, is the fact that it is made up of furniture pieces that were once gently used, and since then have been entirely transformed from the inside out. This collection, without a doubt, speaks to the value that vintage and dated furniture pieces can have, all the while unleashing their understated potential through restoration and design.


Alongside Pax and Tavares Designs intentionally sourced every finish for each furniture piece, bringing forth a truly one of a kind collection. There is still so much more to come from our future collaborations, and we are so motivated and grateful to share it with you all!

Alongside Pax X Tavares Designs
Bundle Service


This bundle service is designed to tackle pre-existing furniture pieces you may have in your home or acquire. Vintage, antique or used pieces are welcomed, as our services offer both upholstery and furniture restoration. If your furniture piece(s) require new foam, microfibre, fresh fabric, a complete sanding, paint, stain or sealing, we do it all. We will not only reclaim the life of your pre-existing pieces, but we will work with you through the entire redesign process. We are able to source all fabric options, paint and stain options, and can provide thorough mock-ups of what your new finished pieces could look like. This service is truly the custom experience you and your previously loved furniture pieces need! 

For any further details please email us: &

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