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Refinishing furniture, can sound endless and exhausting, and don’t get me wrong it has it’s moments. Yet it also has given me more grit than I could of ever asked for. There once was a time where everything was falling into place, the best partner and the gift that is our baby girl, a loving home and a stable job. And while I had all of those incredible things, I was struggling to find something that was my own.


Now this might sound wild to some, but I found that in design and reclaiming furnishings. It gave me more purpose than I had imagined, and as each piece evolved, and aligned with my vision for it, the more I thrived. It’s truly exciting because no one piece or process is the same. Ever. Kind of like the chaos of my day to day life. This whole body of work that I have crafted that is “Alongsidepax” could never be possible without Pax. She’s the motivation, she’s the inspiration and she is my daughter.


I hope that every piece that comes my way is a reflection of her and our relationship in some way shape or form. Whether I’m painting a piece, and she’s pulling at my leg or she’s making all the possible messes in the background, each piece is curated with her at heart. With all that being said, whether it be an antique that can stand the test of time, or even a more modern fixture; let’s team up together and make something truly special, with your personal style and aesthetic at the forefront of each piece!


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